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New to the world of aromatherapy?

Check out our free introduction to aromatherapy course to help get you started & decide if this is a path for you. 

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Online courses that you can complete at your own pace..



An online program designed to empower you with intelligence about the complex but enchanting workings of your own divine body throughout every cycle of life.


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Are you ready to take the next step to be empowered with CBD knowledge that will enhance your skincare routine?



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Learn how to curate blends with unique scents and powerful therapeutics


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The perfect online course for anyone who is curious to learn how to safely support their animals using aromatherapy & essential oil practices.


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Explore the art and science of working with essential oils and aromatic French plants with a holistic and dynamic style to well-being.


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Discover the uses, techniques and benefits of aromatherapy, and learn about the exquisite ingredients aromatherapy harnesses for all their wonderful natural properties.


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Certified Courses...


Become confident in the science & therapeutics of Cannabis.

LabCannamist is an 8 week, interactive slide and video-based training program that teaches informative and practical cannabis science and formulations to aromatherapists and plant enthusiasts who want to assertively understand the science and therapeutics of cannabis.



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