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Curate blends with unique scents and powerful therapeutics with LabTerpene


What you'll get with this launch offer:

🌿  2 Exclusive teaching masterclasses with Colleen Quinn (worth $70)

🌿  1 Month LabAroma Home 

🌿 12 Chemistry focused aromatherapy and cannabis recipes

🌿 Terpene Blending Lab

🌿 Supplier List

🌿 Recommended Learning List


What you'll learn: 

📚 Lesson 01 - The Fundamentals of Plant chemistry 

Meet and understand the phytochemicals which make up the composition of essential oils and cannabis.

📚 Lesson 02 - The Science of Terpenes 

The science of terpenes including the neurobiology of smell and taste including the role the brain and central nervous system play in identifying and utilizing scents.

The biosynthesis of terpenes, how they are created, synthesized, and extracted including the different extraction techniques used to harness these precious compounds so we can use then in plant based blends.

Meet the core 30 terpenes with evidence.

📚  Lesson 03 - Meet Terpene Rich Therapeutic Plants

Learn about the  essential oils and cannabis strains rich in terpenes and how the terpenes affect these plant oils. 

📚 Lesson 04 - Your Terpene Ingredients & Recipe Book

Get your 12 chemistry focused aromatherapy and cannabis recipes and meet your aromatherapy materials.