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  •  Wish to improve your relationship with your hormones?
  • Crave to take control of your hormonal health?
  • Desire to connect with your radiant femme energy?
  • Yearn to love and honor your body?
  • Hope to find plant based and holistic solutions for your hormonal imbalances?
  • Lust a deeper understanding of your sensual warrior woman power?

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  • Empowered with intelligence about the complex but enchanting workings of your own body
  • Informed about your hormonal cycles
  • Enlightened by a new understating of your hormonal imbalances
  • Embodied and connected with your own ethereal femme energy
  • Awakened to your natural radiance
  • Aligned with your hormonal cycles
  • In love with your femme body
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The Goddess cycle of your hormonal life can be paradoxically liberating and stressful.  Change is hard, the menopause is no exception.  


In this chapter you will explore:

  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Menopausal science
  • Menopausal skin
  • Menopausal libido
  • The cortisol hormone and menopause

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Your sexuality is the life-force energy at the core of your soul connecting you to your creativity, sense of vitality, your strength and joy.  Explore your right to femme embodiment in this sex positive chapter.

In this chapter you will explore:

  • The sexy hormones
  • Rewiring to liberate
  • Sexual freedom
  • Connection and intimacy
  • Attunement
  • The art of self-love
  • Self-love is the spiritual practise 
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  • 6 Lessons where you will understand your body & its hormonal workings through every cycle of life
  • 3 exclusive  intimate teaching lessons with your LabFemme life coach, endocrinologist and nutritional coach
  • 65 bespoke aromatherapy recipes
  • 42 nutritional packed food recipes
  • 8 unique herbal formulations
  • 11 mind expanding meditations 
  • 4 decadent yoga sequences
  • Bonus chapter on male hormones & the role of men as our support
  • Lifetime program access

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Meet your Warrior goddesses 

Meet the team of warrior goddesses who contributed their expert knowledge to this program

Colleen Quinn

is an internationally celebrated clinical aromatherapist, cosmetic chemist, researcher, educator and author.

Committed to delivering functional therapeutic plant-based products, Colleen has travelled the globe on a quest for knowledge, innovation and the best quality ingredients from dedicated sustainable farmers in order to create therapeutic benefits in skin and health care. 

Colleen is the founder of LabAroma and has passionately pulled this program together to help you and other femme's understand and become empowered by the workings of your body throughout your life.

Dr Beth Westie


 Dr. Beth is the author of the Best-Selling book, The Female Fat Solution, the creator of the 12 Week Female Hormone Solution, the Eat for Your Cycle™ Method, and the host of The Female Health Solution Podcast. She has made it her mission to change the way women view their health. Working to educate and empower women to take their health into their own hands, she uses nutrition to help women work with the natural cycle of their bodies to achieve lasting weight loss results.

Dr Elizabeth Welty

Dr Liz has been working in capacity building, education, conflict transformation, yoga and mindfulness for the past 24 years throughout Ireland, Europe and the United States. She earned a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast in Global Education and lectured in the School of Education on the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Local and Global Citizenship, specializing in handling difficult and controversial issues. During this time, Liz was looking for a place to refuel, refresh and nourish my mind. body, and spirit. This inspired her to create an inclusive and beautiful space for this offering.

Melissa Holman


Melissa Holman is a Master Transformational Coach, the owner of Lemon Balm Coaching, the producer and host of the Aromatic Chat Podcast, as well as the Central Region Representative and Mentor with the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.  She was ranked 30th among the 50 Most Influential People in Aromatherapy 2022 on the Volant Aroma Blog and was a speaker at the 2022 Aroma Summit hosted by Aroma Trust. 

After graduating from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, she obtained her Aromatherapy Registration and began serving clients seeking holistic and natural remedies for their personal wellness.  After decades of life experience, she felt a desire to share her wisdom with others so they could live their best lives and went back to school during the pandemic for her Life Coaching certification.  

Rachelle Robinett


Pharmakon Supernatural was founded and is led by Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG) — Herbalist, educator, and life-long naturalist. Rachelle combines traditional medicine and current health insights — and an understanding of both individual behavior modification and wellness industry zeitgeists — to create life-changing health for thousands of people every day.

Rachelle has spent thousands of hours teaching, speaking, publishing, and in private practice — and in building Supernatural from idea to ecosystem as a sole founder and CEO.

Sarah Smyth


Sarah Smyth is a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach who believes supporting clients to make small changes to their diet & lifestyle as an approach to sustainable, optimum health. Sarah currently also supports female coaches in the health & wellness field to automate, promote and grow their businesses online, specifically with social media presence and online courses. 

Learn more about these Goddesses and more inside LabFemme

What Will I Learn inside the Program?


1. Empowerment

  • Meet your core hormones
  • Gain nutritional insights into a balanced endocrine system
  • Explore adaptogenic & nootropic herbs to support your hormones

2. Womanhood

  • Navigating puberty
  • Choosing her virginity
  • Plant based solutions to support menstruation
  • Yoga & meditations for embracing womanhood

3. Warrior

  • Striving to create miracles
  • Growing through life choices
  • Plant based solutions to support your voyage
  • Yoga & meditations for embracing your inner warrior

 4. Goddess

  • Empowerment with hormonal knowledge
  • Vital nutritional guidance to support your menopausal body & mind
  • Plant based solutions to support your journey
  • Goddess Yoga & meditations

5. Ethereal

  • Post-menopausal hormonal understandings
  • Key nutritional guidance for aging gracefully
  • Plant based solutions for etheral goddesses
  • Restorative Yoga & meditations

6. Embodiment

  • Exploring the depths of your sexuality
  • Understand the philosophy of sexual accelerators and brakes
  • Sexual freedom


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