The ultimate online course  for anyone who is curious to learn about CBD & how to add it to their skincare routine.

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Hey, I'm Colleen, 

I'm an award winning celebrated clinical aromatherapist, cosmetic chemist, author, cannabis researcher & educator.

My mission is to inspire and empower you to become a confident plant enthusiast who is skilled to curate truly effective therapeutic plant remedies.

Now let's start with learning about CBD..

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Enhance your skincare routine with LabCBD...


In this course, you will go from feeling confused and fearful of CBD to feeling informed about why it is such a brilliant skincare ingredient. You will gain the knowledge to allow you to know how and where to buy CBD and how to make your own CBD skincare recipe with confidence.

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Offer includes:

  • 4 Lessons where you will understand the power of CBD
  • Recommend Reading & Learning List
  • Recommend Supplier list
  • 10 Exclusive CBD Recipes
  • Invite to the LabAroma Community Group
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What will I learn inside LabCBD?


 In LabCBD You’ll Learn:

  • How CBD interacts with the layers of your skin and learn how you can treat different skin types
  • How CBD works within our bodies, what is it and why is it the perfect ingredient to supercharge your recipes
  • Discover and learn about the key essential oils and vegetable oils CBD adores working with
  • Explore insightful botanical reference charts packed with the therapeutic properties of key ingredients
  • Uncover 10 exclusive CBD rich recipe videos all containing stunning essential oils and wholesome foods curated to enrich and support your facial and skin
  • Learn how to buy and store essential oils
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What our students are saying...

"Really loved this course overall and feel that it helped me to expand my knowledge and become more confident as I speak about cannabis to my colleagues and clients."

Madison D'Arezzo

"A beautifully presented course."

Melanie L. Gravette

"I really enjoyed the course.. I’ve been making my own Full Spectrum, High Potency, Non-Gmo, lab tested cbd oil & products for about 6 months now & will incorporate some of this knowledge into my skin care!"

Paula Michelle Ross

Who is the LabCBD course perfect for?

LabCBD is for anyone who is curiously interested in adding CBD to their skincare and wellness routine.

Someone who loves making handmade gifts for their family and friends or has an interest in making their own skincare.

Someone who’s intrigued by the health benefits of CBD but has little to no knowledge of how it works.

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