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Cannabis & CBD Courses 


Become confident in the science & therapeutics of Cannabis. 

LabCannamist is an 8 week certified, interactive slide and video-based training program that teaches informative and practical cannabis science and formulations to aromatherapists and plant enthusiasts who want to assertively understand the science and therapeutics of cannabis.


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The ultimate online course for anyone who is curious to learn more about CBD & how to add it to their skincare routine. 

Become empowered by CBD and learn how you can make your own CBD skincare at home.


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Meet, understand and master the chemistry of Terpenes inside LabTerpene. 

Creating your aromatherapy blends based on terpene chemistry makes more effective blends. Which allows you to curate more enjoyable cannabis experiences when you understand the science of terpenes.


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Aromatherapy Courses


The perfect course to uncover the skin and the penetrative power of certain plants, enhancing the intense therapeutic capacity of your aromatherapy & cannabis formulations.

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The perfect online course for anyone who is curious to learn how to safely support their animals using aromatherapy & essential oil practices.



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Is the perfect course for you if you want to open your mind to the olfactory practices of aromatherapy with focus on exploring French plants and French inspired aromatic recipes.


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Free Introduction to Aromatherapy

In this free introductory course you will begin to understand essential oils and how you can incorporate them into your day to day life especially your families life in a simple, safe and effective way. 

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The perfect next step to your aromatherapy education if you are considering aromatherapy as career or hobby. Learn about the various components involved in aromatherapy. 

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Understand Your Hormones with LabFemme

LabFemme is an online program designed to empower you with intelligence about the complex but enhanting workings of your body throughout every hormonal cycle of life.

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What our students are saying...

"I really enjoyed the LabCBD course.. I’ve been making my own Full Spectrum, High Potency, Non-Gmo, lab tested cbd oil & products for about 6 months now & will incorporate some of this knowledge into my skin care!"

Paula Michelle Ross

"I am truly Cannabis Confident after LabCannamist! And with great gratitude, I appreciate you Colleen and the LabAroma team. Thank you for this extraordinary education that has given me a whole new perspective with confidence to enhance my wellbeing both personally and professionally. This has been a fascinating learning experience and I look forward for more to come!"

Cyndee Delarocha 

"I have completed the LabAnimal class. Thank you for a very informative and well put together learning experience. I enjoyed it and learned a lot! The resources, profiles and recipe book were much amazing information!"

Milissa Seymour

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I'm Colleen, my mission is to inspire and empower you to become a confident plant enthusiast who is skilled to curate truly effective therapeutic plant remedies by understanding your plant science and backing it up with evidence

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